• Wade Vagle

    Wade Vagle

    Data geek, derivatives trader and model developer, and financial advisor to non-profits via www.SchoolsThatLast.com

  • Josh Rose

    Josh Rose

    Art historian. Lapsed painter. Former cartoonist. Technology end-user. Cultural bon-vivant.

  • Teresa Nguyen

    Teresa Nguyen

    Experience Researcher, projekt202. Co-chair, 2021 Information Architecture Conference.

  • Greg Deitz

    Greg Deitz

  • Nicholas Vrana

    Nicholas Vrana

  • Sonya Denyse, DreamDevelopment.com

    Sonya Denyse, DreamDevelopment.com

    Sonya’s quirky brilliance puts dreams into action. Part artist, part strategist always the creative, Sonya lives what she loves and helps others to do the same.

  • Jasmine DevilAnse Walker

    Jasmine DevilAnse Walker

  • Lékan


    Digital Product Designer advocating better experiences for Users, while helping businesses achieve their goals.

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