I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus as my last project ramped up and then completely took over my life. I have been slow to come back to writing because I feel that I have not adequately convinced myself of the purpose here. What am I trying to do? Is the purpose too broad, not narrowly defined enough, not crisp enough to motivate?

From my “break” one thing is clear — I never stopped writing, it was just 100% directed at projects. Most were draft texts to inspire and inform others, notes and other pieces of communication. Some pieces were complete, satisfying, filling my need to produce.

What else did l learn from this “break”? And how is my work writing informed by my other writing?

Speed is a skill. Writing here is sometimes a chore rather than a joy, but the repetition and time constraints I put on myself built up a muscle I didn’t know I needed. I can write entire pieces in a single sitting. When the pressure was on, the words were there.

Structure is an engine that pulls the words out. When I needed to fix a gaping content issue in a single day, I relied on a strict formula to order the thoughts. Descriptions could only be two words, one activating the other. The question had to start with “how can” and include “to,” the business value had to be as stripped down and direct as possible, and so on. The rules made a playground for the words to jump and dance and play. Solving each creative challenge pushed me on to the next. How else can I say this? What’s the next puzzle?

Perfection is a flaw. I hit “publish” and the world doesn’t end. I can let it go into the world — whether this blog or the contents of a deck — without worrying about an impending disaster. Words can always be polished, refined, edited, unless there is nothing on the page to begin with.

Back to the question at the beginning: what is the purpose of this space for writing? It is a space for exploration, for practice, for trying out ideas, for building skills and refining combinations of words. Here, I can play with words in whatever way I find works for me, until the words are needed elsewhere.

Writer, researcher, observer