Do businesses need poets-in-residence? Someone to feel the pain of a wasteland of a report, then sift the sand and find the treasure — the few words that make plain the purpose of the desert, how to survive, or how to get out?

Do businesses need artists-in-residence? A visionary to teach others how to see the world in all of its colors, how to understand the textures and vibrations of collaboration and community?

Do businesses need architects-in-residence? A builder to reshape the interiors and exteriors, transforming spreadsheets into tunnels of data intertwined with blooming vines, punched through with skylights, to see the possibility in how we shape our lives around our work, around our shared sense of purpose?

Do businesses need composers-in-residence? A musician to write the score that buzzes, builds, and emerges triumphantly through the cacophony of calls, Zooms, and Teams meetings? Someone to feel the steady pulse and rhythm of the tapping, typing, humming, clicking, dripping, whirring business machine?

Do businesses need writers-in-residence? To capture the heartache, the drama, the failure, the struggle and through perseverance, eventually the recovery, rise, and brilliant success of a group of people coming together? Plotting the epic narrative, sketching the characters, formalizing the relationships between what happens and how we understand it?

Work: What can we learn about ourselves through how we experience our work? How could it be different if we thought about it from a more creative perspective? What can our work teach us about ourselves? How often does it push us to the best versions of ourselves?

Art: Art is about ideas. These are the ways we make sense of life, beauty, pain. Why would separate the two? Art gives us the language to understand others and ourselves, through words, sights, sounds, and shapes, we form and reform our worlds, work and all.

Writer, researcher, observer